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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Pen is Mightier Than the Keyboard

I have written several earlier posts on the value of teaching and learning cursive. A recent infographic provides a nice summary of the advantages of handwriting over the keyboard. Handwriting engages the brain more deeply in creative thinking.

Among its many advantages claimed in the infographic, handwriting:
  •  Provides children with a clearer understanding of how letters form words, sentences, and meanings.
  • Teaches reading skills
  • Improves memory retention
  • Promotes critical and creative thinking (note taking, mind maps, etc.)

And now there is a slick newway of teaching cursive, invented by Linda Shrewsbury. She analyzed all the alphabet letters to see if there were common pen strokes that were common to many letters. She found that handwriting all the letters could be mastered by learning just four simple pen strokes. So she wrote a book, Cursive Logic, that explains how to learn cursive by first learning these four basic strokes. Instead of spending hours, days, and weeks learning how to copy each letter in an attractive and readable way, you practice the four strokes (which can be mastered in less than an hour). Then with these mastered, you quickly learn how to apply the strokes appropriately to the letters in four short lessons.


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  2. While I'd love to take notes long hand arthritis simply makes my writing slower and causes me to grapple with correcting my penmanship. If I didn't correct it, the notes would be senseless. There are some techniques that I use to make my notes more personalized. Such as, setting up a template before the class and then I can - format and organize facts on the page, assign highlight colors to certain topics, bold and underline particular information, assign code words and acronyms to some items like - TQ, which means Test Question; RW, means ReWrite for my better understanding; and RS, means further ReSearch is needed in the textbook or other places. I also utilize TS, means TimeStamp of the recording that I'm making of the session. Since the recording is done directly in my note taking software I can see the exact time of the professor's comment. In my notes I notate that time next to my notes. Having the recorded session and my notes takes some of the guesswork out of preparing for a final exam.

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  3. i totally agreed with you, Pen is mightier than keyboard

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