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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Remembering Names and Faces

Everybody has trouble remembering names and faces. The usual tricks don't always work, and may even be counter-productive. I have just posted a summary of a study that challenges the conventional approach to remembering names and faces. Click here for details.

More confirmation of sleep loss impairment of memory

I just wrote a summary of yet another study which showed that missing one night's sleep impairs memory of what happened the next day, even though the sleep loss was made up later. The test conditions involved losing sleep on one night, then learning stuff on the next day, followed by a normal night's sleep, and then being tested the next day. So this indicates that this is a "proactive" effect, where sleep loss before learning impairs learning. I have reviewed other studies that show impairment when sleep loss occurs at the same time as learning, as in cramming for exams. Click here for details.