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Monday, August 10, 2009

Here's Why Marijuana Impairs Memory Formation

Scientists have known for some time that marijuana impairs the ability to convert short-term or working memories into lasting form. Now they know why. The protein synthesis machinery in the hippocampus is necessary to accomplish lasting memory formation, and a study of mouse hippocampus revealed that marijuana impairs the protein synthesis pathway responsible for memory consolidation.

Puighermannal, E. et al. 2009. Cannabinoid modulation of hippocampal long-term memory is mediated by mTOR signaling. Nature Neuroscience. On-line edition, Aug. 2; doi:10.1038/nn.2369


  1. Way to use the internet to spread misinformation.
    credible studies in canadian universities (where we actually acknowledge the study of marijuana as a useful substance and not a distructive drug) have proven the opposite of your study.
    Look it up doc

  2. I never said marijuana was not useful. It is good for nausea. But to claim it has no bad effects is just not warranted. Hundreds of papers show bad effects. This one paper that you call "misinformation" comes from the premier referreed journal Nature. How does your work invalidate this particular paper (and all the others that show deleterious effects on memory)? Were your studies on memory?

  3. yep your wrong.

    I smoke by the way and while getting totally high might hinder my memory in the short term, I always take a little hit before a test. I'm 32, work 2 jobs and straight A student in college.

  4. People who do destructive things make excuses for it (read my book, "Blame Game").

    You are only 32 and obviously school smart. There are other kinds of smart.


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