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Monday, June 29, 2009

50 Tips to Improve Memory

One of the followers of this blog sent me a link to her blog that recently posted an article, "50 Ways to Make Your Memory More Like an Elephants" (

The tips are not documented, but they do seem consistent with what I know about the research literature. Ten tips deal with diet, and these generally advocate foods that are high in omega 3s and antioxidants. Few of these have ever been shown to have memory-specific effects, but they all promote general health.

Another large batch of tips deal generally with lifestyle, but some ideas are not very profound, such as "don't get too drunk."

Five tips suggest ways to be more organized, such as using Evernote and using Google Calendar, both of which I find to be useful.

The list closes with some brain exercises. These are not memory specific, but they are good for the brain and thus good for memory.

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