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Sunday, August 24, 2008

What You Can do to Improve Memory (and Why It Deteriorates in Old Age)

As a regular columnist for the newsletter, Sharp Brains - The Brain Fitness Authority, I have just posted an article that might interest those of you whose slipping memory reminds you that you are getting older. The article summarizes research that explains why memory often deteriorates with old age. But it does not have to decline, and the article suggests things you can do to delay or even prevent memory decline. "Eat your blueberries" is only a part of the answer. I present the evidence that as you get older your thinking style has to change. The article suggests ways to do that.

Click here to see the article. Searching on "Klemm" will lead you to other articles I have written for the brain fitness newsletter. And don't forget to order my book, which is pre-requisite to getting the most out of these blog and newsletter posts. The Website now sells it for less than Amazon.

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