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Friday, February 01, 2008

Improve Reading Efficiency and Comprehension

Reading To Remember

Get the mechanics right

○ Make eye contact with all the text not being deliberately skimmed
○ See multiple words in each eye fixation
○ Strive to expand the width of each eye fixation (on an 8.5" width, strive
for three fixations or less per line)
○ Snap eyes from one fixation point to another (horizontal snaps on long
lines, vertical snap if whole line can be seen with one fixation)
○ Get formal training from a reading center if needed


○ Know what you are looking for. Identify the material that satisfies the purpose for which you are reading.
○ Skim the reading material first
  • primes the memory
  • orients the thinking
  • think about the headings: they identify what can be skimmed rapidly, what needs more thoughtful reading

○ Read with a purpose.
○ THINK about what you read. The more you think about it, the more you will remember. Ask yourself questions about what you read, as you are reading and afterward.
  • Is it satisfying your purpose?
  • How does it relate to what you already know? ... and need to know?
  • What is not said that should be?
  • What is said that you think is wrong or needs elaboration?
  • What do you not understand?
  • What needs special effort to remember?
  • How can you use this understanding and information?

○ Pause and rehearse (after every minute or so, for example)
○ For each new reading segment, ask “How does this build on what I just read?”
○ Reading sessions should be limited (15 to 30 minutes)
○ At the session end, rehearse what you learned - right away, without distractions. Answer again the questions mentioned above.
○ Think about and rehearse what you read at least twice later that day.
○ Rehearse again at least once for the next 2-3 days.


  1. Can you explain how to train your eyes for improving the reading efficiency?

  2. I am not an expert in this matter. I took a speed reading course that increased my reading speed and comprehension with a machine that conrolled my field of eye fixation.
    The field starts off small, then gets bigge as you can take in more words with a single fixation.

    I think you can do the same thing without a machine, though probably no as effecive.

    Bill Klemm
    Memory Medic


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