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Monday, November 27, 2006

New Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome

If you saw the Nov. 26, 2006 edition of "60 Minutes" on TV, you learned about a promising new treatment, and sometimes cure, for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Actually, I discussed many of these ideas in my memory-improvement book and posted an explanation of this specific idea months ago on my Web site, and I have now updated it to report that physicians have actually embraced the findings of memory research and shown that treatment with a common blood-pressure drug, propranolol, can have strikingly beneficial results on PTSD.

See the latest update at my Web site. Locate "Medical Issues" on the Contents page and click on the item involving PTSD.


  1. Suffering traumatic stress can affect your emotions as well as your body and the two are so connected that it can be hard to tell the difference. For instance, traumatic stress can cause you to lose concentration, forget things, or have trouble sleeping. It may be difficult to determine on your own whether these symptoms are because you do not feel well physically or because you are still upset.

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